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Visibility to Drive Business Value

Providers of End-to-End Visibility Solutions to Manage a Complex, Variable Node Network…




Every part of the supply chain desires real time visibility for which to plan activities and drive value. By connecting with all players, every step of the supply chain an see the status of inbound goods whether it be raw materials, subcomponents, or finished goods. By taking out the guess work of deliveries, all aspects of the supply chain can focus on delivering versus chasing status updates. Critical cross border activities are managed within the application. By connecting with logistics partners, you see the status of infrastructure movement as they see it. Vessel positioning is provided near real time through standard GPS monitoring services.


Logiswift’s End-to-End Visibility platform connects all players to create a single view of the supply chain. Using a Cloud based approach the platform helps enable material flow to all players.

Providers of End-to-End Visibility Solutions to Manage a Complex, Variable Node Network.



Operations Support Tools

Logiswift knows what it takes to manage a distribution operation.
As such, they have developed a suite of tools to manage within the four walls activities.

These additional solutions include:

For every individual customer order, our platform enables an optimized micro supply chain through continuous, real-time control over service levels, inventory, transportation, and costs. Plan production by forecasting your safety stock then setting up rules for automated order placement.

Monitor temperature levels, optimize equipment usage, track and trace items inside the warehouse, identify dead stock and reduce order cycles. All in the name of optimizing costs to improve your ROI.

Built-in document generation functionality allows you to create all the documents related to shipments such as Packing Lists, COA’s, Bill of Ladings, Delivery Report, Material Receipt, Warehouse Labels and Commercial Invoices.

Logiswift TOS is a modern, fully customizable platform with variety of optimization modules which will enable you to keep up with the increasing operational demands. Our terminal operation system, is a fully integrated application that aims at achieving the highest productivity scale for container terminal operations.

We are integrated with country customs control agencies to standardize your customs clearance activities. Exchange critical documents (e.g., declarations, tariff’s, packing lists, and commercial invoices) digitally with your partners through the Logiswift automated processes. Eliminating the complexity from cross border freight management.

Custom Solutions

Need to complete a task and can’t find the right solution, let our team create it for you. By simply defining your end need, we can work the details to deliver the solution you desire exactly as you desire it. Don’t be constrained by your systems. Let us customize a solution to fill your capabilities gap.

We enable business management under your terms, approaches, and conditions.

SQL Database

No Down Time

Logiswift is in partnership with Microsoft Azure for its cloud servers. Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance are both based on SQL Server database engine architecture that is adjusted for the cloud environment in order to ensure 99.99% availability even in the cases of infrastructure failures.

Our Choice

We offer to our clients; Premium/Business Critical service tier model which is based on a cluster of database engine processes. This architectural model relies on a fact that there is always a quorum of available database engine nodes and has minimal performance impact on your workload even during maintenance activities.


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