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Digital Commerce is dynamic and ever changing and so should be your supply chain visibility solution. Unleashing swift information for shipment activities.

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Container Milestones

The combination of all mentioned integrations will help us calculate risk of delays and predict more accurately ETD/ETA and receive notifications on deviations in order to adjust your operations accordingly.

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Less Manual Labour

Instead of logging in to multiple carrier websites for tracking container milestones, you can benefit from the single point tracking reading from multiple data sources.

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Alerts & Notifications:

You can receive alerts and automated notifications regarding your subscribed shipments and act pro-actively to minimize deviations of your lead times.

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Real-Time Map View

You can pinpoint your container or vessel by using Logiswift real-time map tracking system. This way you can also notify parties involved and plan your arrivals and departures accordingly.

Moving from reactive to proactive

  • Container Tracking Integration

    By tracking containers even when they are still at sea, you can provide your customers with real-time status, precise ETAs for their goods. This also reduces manual labour of checking each carrier's website for shipment milestones tracking.

  • Vessel Tracking Integration

    Unify multiple stream of data into comprehensive visibility to end customer by combining real-time and historical data.

  • Vessel Schedule Integration

    Offering near real-time information on list of vessels and carriers from your required POL/POD.

  • Vendor Follow Up, Expediting And Consolidating

Providing Full Control Over Your Logistics Operations

  • Integration with multiple parties to achieve predictive analytics.

  • Collection of data from multiple sources like vessel schedules, port intelligence, live and historic location data.

  • Real time container vessel schedules and forecasts providing precise estimates for arrivals and departures.

  • Automate all Track & Trace activity through integration via carriers and airlines.

Technology For Your Global Supply Chain

From the largest shippers with the most complex global supply chain to small businesses, everyone can benefit from our platform that drives greater efficiency and improves savings, reliability, and visibility. Our platform is about allowing you to Swiftly respond to logistics changes, with rich and configurable solutions:

  • Control Tower

  • Supply Chain Visibility

  • Digital Order Management

  • Transportation Management

  • Network Inventory Management

  • Returns & Recall Management

  • Customs Process Management

  • Billing And Freight Audit Management

Why Logiswift?

Logiswift offer clients a personalized service and flexibility that only a privately owned software company can, providing comprehensive logistics solutions through local people who have an in-depth understanding and expertise in logistics and supply chain. For every individual customer order, our platform enables an optimized micro supply chain through continuous, real-time control over service levels, inventory, transportation, and costs.

  • Logiswift offers a unified cloud platform for supply chain orchestration

  • Built from the ground up to deliver seamless solutions with a single data model.

  • Enables companies to orchestrate inbound, outbound, and reverse flows across multiple parties in dynamic supply chain business networks.

  • Through real-time analytics, planning, execution, and cost control, businesses can boost both customer experience and operational excellence.

Solution Features

  • Vessel Schedules And Rate Management Tool
  • Delivery Scheduling And Planning
  • Vendor Follow Up, Expediting And Consolidating
  • Order Management
  • Planned Events Vs Actual Reporting
  • Logistics Performance And Cost Analysis
  • Full Warehousing Management Capability For Hub Or Site Inventory
  • Track And Trace Cargo From Pickup To Site Delivery In Real-time
  • Set System Notifications And Email Alerts That Can Be Triggered In Case Of Exceptions
  • Landed Costs Analysis
  • Produce Any Shipping Documents (BL, CIPL, Packing List, Etc..) And Approval Workflow Mechanism Before Proceeding With Shipment
  • Landed Costs Analysis
  • Produce Any Shipping Documents (BL, AWB, CMR, Etc..) And Approval Workflow Mechanism Before Proceeding With Shipment
  • Customs Clearance Management ( US Integration Under Development)
  • Online Tendering ( To Be Released In October2022)

Benefits to Commodity Houses

  • Cost Optimisation Through Transparent, IT-based Analysis Of Operational Processes

  • Reduced Safety Stock And Improve Planning

  • Real-time Visibility Of All Cargo/Line Item At Any Time

  • Early Identification Of Supply Chain Failures, Triggering Contingency Plans

  • Enhanced Vendor Performance Management Using Built-in Analytics

  • Full Control Over Cost And Reduce Unpleasant Charges Such As (Per Diem Charges, Demurrage, Etc…)

  • Full Purchase Order And Line Item Management Including Classifications, Translations, Documentation, Expediting, Material Inspection And Discrepancy Handling

  • Track And Trace Cargo From Pickup To Site Delivery In Real-time

  • Set System Notifications And Email Alerts That Can Be Triggered In Case Of Exceptions

  • Reduce Man-hours & Improve Service Lead Time By Automating Most Of Your ,Manual Logistics Processes.

  • Produce Any Shipping Documents (BL, CIPL, Packing List, Etc..) And Approval Workflow Mechanism Before Proceeding With Shipment

  • Visibility Of Transport-related Emissions Data (Co2)

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Document Management

Built-in document generation functionality allows you to create all the documents related to shipments.

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Dashboard Landing Page

User configurable. Role specific information. Selectable graphical representation. Various sources. (PO, Warehouse, Shipment etc).

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Business Intelligence

Logiswift Intelligent Dashboard provides you and your vendors with vital graphics and accurate KPI data to track your vendor and delivery performance. When you have large a history of purchases you can analyse your procurement processes with an extensive perspective.

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Map View

Using our advanced map view, all shipments were visible with their exact locations and routes. Logiswift intelligent tracking system also shows different transport modes by using various colours. No more lost shipments in transit.Our integrated container tracking allows you to monitor all the milestones of your sea freight shipments with real-time carrier updates.

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Financial BI

Keeping the logistics costs in line with your budget is critical for your company's success. Major supply chain operations are creating lots of unexpected costs such as demurrages, detention charges or amendment fees. You can have full visibility over your logistics spending by using this tool.

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Elastic Search

Searching through all references in database, PO/MR/Shipment/, invoice/Article/SRN/MMT

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Rate Repository – Automated Rate Calculation Per Shipment

Gaining access to reliable freight rate data and maintaining a high-quality rate repository makes it comfortable for your company to have a great advantage.

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Invoice Portal for Vendor

Connect and collaborate with your third-party suppliers on the same platform.

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Data Quality Statistics

It drives and delivers complete, timely, and accurate insights across your logistics planning, execution, tracking, and payment processes.


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