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Leveraging our years of practical experience, Logiswift delivers supply chain tools designed by practitioners by practitioners.

Supply Chain Visibility

The freight visibility market has developed into a multi-tiered environment in recent years, largely driven by the need for better insight into the current location and condition of goods as well as increasing demand for predictive estimated times of arrivals (ETAs) of shipments at various points along their journey.

Data Aggregation in Supply Chain

Started in 2006, the Logiswift solution has evolved from an operational support solution supporting Imisk to a flexible, easy to use end-to-end visibility tool ready to support any project, construction, or heavy lift project. Interfaced to many of the worlds leading transportation providers, Logiswift delivers near real time vessel (and therefore container) visibility. Our approaches leverage our hands-on experience and provide solutions that work like you work anywhere in the world. We have been in your shoes and understand the day-to-day strains you face.

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  • Optimize Routes
    Logiswift’s system can help you calculate and save on transportation costs and centralize shipments to help improve cash flow.

  • Reliable Tracking Data
    Logistics Managers can rest easy knowing they have full visibility on their network, including carriers, airways, fleets and freight lines.

  • Happier Customers
    Provide the best rate possible and keep your customers up to date with accurate shipment status and documentation.

Logiswift’s E2E Visibility

Capturing Essential Information from Multiple Sources

Data is defined as facts, figures, and information that are stored in a variety of places. By collecting and feeding data from multiple sources, the organization can improve transparency and visibility, operational efficiency, and the services it provides altogether.

Transparency and Visibility

Transparency and visibility are key, especially when a shipment is in transit. By using the correct and proper data, final decisions can be made while backed up with sufficient support.

KPI’s and Analytics

Analytics play a vital role in improving supply chain management, it resolves numerous issues at strategic, operational, and tactical levels. Utilizing data improves the complete chain, it ranges from improving delivery to identifying ways to reduce the gap in communications between different parties.

Big Data

The value of big data in supply chain management is typically motivated by the development of business processes and decision-making practices. Data is important to businesses in formulating strategies, streamlining operations, introducing products and services, and ensuring that clients are satisfied with the full process.

Data Driven Decisions

Analytics and data reports allow decision-makers to achieve operational efficiency and monitor performance to improve productivity. Supply chain analytics augment data-driven decisions to reduce costs and improve service levels.

New Technological Tools

Along with new technological tools that are designed to support it such as cloud storages and mobile devices. Logiswift will speed up processes by offering real-time, effective analysis, aided by AI and the IoT, for solutions such as pricing, storing, and routing.



Proper usage of data can dramatically increase your operational efficiency. Logiswift intelligent dashboard provides you with vital graphics and accurate KPI data to restructure your supply chain.

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Receiving Orders

Once you place your orders, your vendors will be notified by e-mail and they will see your items on their dashboard. If requested items are in stock, they will proceed with invoicing.

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Collaboration with your Vendors

Vendors and clients, they can be automatically notified with regards to their orders, scheduled deliveries, pickups from location, and dropships while securing their approval before moving on to the next step.

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Item Tracking

By using Material Tracking module, you can track all the items in your inventory by line, item and PO. You can check the status of the items in real-time and drill down to see the uploaded documents related to that item.

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PO Tracking and Milestones

Logiswift’s intelligent inventory management module allows you to track PO line level tracking as well. You can check the milestones of every PO and drill down to see the line items related to that PO.

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Completing the E2E visibility loop

Standardize the import and export processes in coordination with customs authorities so you can avoid unexpected customs regulations that might cause hiccups on your supply chain operations.

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Creating Invoices

When the Vendors approve your orders your total amount will be calculated from the system and they can issue your invoices from their interface. Your procurement team will receive it automatically by an e-mail.Now, you are set and your order is ready to ship.



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Map View

Using our advanced map view, all shipments were visible with their exact locations and routes. Logiswift intelligent tracking system also shows different transport modes by using various colours.

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Monitor Your Safety Stock

Managing and monitoring your safety stock is essential for project performance. The platform monitoring abilities will show your real time stock count, warn you about shortages in your inventory and automatically trigger replenishment of stock based on min/max predefined qty.

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Import Reports and Monitor Your Inventory Value

Built in reporting functionality allows you to import reporting sheets to your computer related to your search criteria.While keeping your inventory on track, you can also monitor item values by quantities in your stock and estimate your budget fluctuations related to your total stock valuations.

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Import and Export Documents

Built-in reporting functionality allows you to import reporting sheets to your computer related to your search criteria. Users also have the option to upload or download all the documents related to a specific shipments such as Packing Lists, COA’s, Bill of Ladings and Commercial Invoices.

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Customs Clearance

Users have the option to upload or download all the documents related to a specific shipments as well as customs documents which is integrated with UAE customs using our processing module.


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